February 2, 2024

World Wetlands Day celebrations at Champu Khangpok Floating Village

In a collaborative commemoration of World Wetlands Day, Loktak Development Authority (LDA) Chairman, Shri Moirangthem Asnikumar Singh, shared in the festivities with the esteemed fishing community of Champu Khangpok floating village, nestled on the tranquil Loktak Lake on Friday.

Hon’ble Chairman, joined by Shri Ng. Sanajaoba Meetei, SE of LDA, Shri Ch. Simatendro, SDO of Moirang, Smt Linda Ningombam, Deputy Director of MoBC, Shri Kamesh Salam, a renowned Bamboo Expert, and other dignitaries, conveyed a collective commitment towards the preservation of Loktak Lake.

Later in the day, Chairman M Asnikumar and the esteemed guests engaged in a meaningful initiative, distributing Solar Lamps, Water Filters, one Generator set, and one fiber canoe, generously funded by the MoBC Department. This initiative seeks to enhance the living conditions of the community while promoting sustainable practices.

Quoting Chairman Shri Asnikumar Moirangthem, “Champu Khangpok, deeply ingrained in our historical tapestry, plays a pivotal role in preserving age-old traditions associated with Loktak Lake. Recognizing the cultural and ecological importance of this floating village, collective efforts are crucial to ensure the sustainable future of Loktak.”

Acknowledging the necessity of a comprehensive long-term plan for Loktak Lake’s preservation, Chairman emphasized the significance of the Integrated Management Plan (IMP) as a crucial stride in the right direction. “The IMP addresses multifaceted challenges, enhancing the ecological health of the lake,” he stated.

Furthermore, Chairman Asnikumar stressed the pivotal role of community engagement in policy formulation and implementation, stating, “The fishing community of Champu Khangpok has been a stalwart partner in Loktak Development Authority’s endeavours to conserve and protect Loktak Lake.”

In a significant announcement, Hon’ble Chairman pledged support for the construction of a special floating school for Champu Khangpok Floating Village, with funding allocated by the government of India through the state education department. Plans also include the installation of Bio-digester toilets for each khangpok shang (hut) of Champu Khangpok, contributing to improved sanitation facilities.

Chairman M Asnikumar took the opportunity to appeal to the fishing community, stating, “Cease illegal fishing and hunting of water birds in Loktak Lake, especially through the use of electric current and lights.” This call for responsible practices aligns with ongoing efforts to protect the diverse ecosystem of the lake.

The collective efforts of Loktak Development Authority, government bodies, and the fishing community underscore a commitment towards sustainable development, conservation, and the overall wellbeing of Loktak Lake and its associated wetlands.



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