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On the brink of fading into oblivion

by M Asnikumar Singh, Chairman | LDA
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One last dance: the fate of manipur’s dancing deer

by Priya Ranganathan
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Welcome to
Loktak Lake and
associated wetlands

Explore and discover Loktak Lake
and associated wetlands.

Wetlands constitute 6.8% of the total land area of the Manipur River Basin. The important wetlands locally called pats are : Loktak, Lamphel, Waithou, Ikop, Kharung, Lousi, Khoidum, Lamjao and Pumlen.


Read about the unique characteristics of the Loktak Wetland Complex, and issues and challenges faced by LDA in restoring and developing the Loktak Lake resources and biodiversity.


Follow events and announcements of Loktak Development Authority.

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Loktak Development Authority

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